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Calling All Franchisees

Considering Going Independent?  Now Might Be The Time   Have you been thinking about ditching the franchise control and transitioning to become a free and independent frozen yogurt shop? The concept is appealing to many and just might be the … Continued

Considering Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop?

Frozen yogurt shops are one of the hottest retail concepts around. It is a fun way to meet a lot of people and become a presence in your local community.  Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt can help refine your concept with low … Continued

Frozen Yogurt vs Soft-Serve Ice Cream

You might not realize that Nanci’s chocolate and vanilla bases are rich and creamy just like soft-serve ice cream. Texture depends on how much air you get in the product and the quality of the ingredients. We don’t sell a … Continued

Preparing for “Busy Season”

Did you have a slow winter or maybe even close for the winter cold?  Spring is around the corner which makes now a great time to start preparing to open back up or generate new interest for the year.  Here … Continued

August is Smoothie Month

Smoothie Love! Smoothies are a perfect anytime treat; they are refreshing and delicious! They are also a great addition to any frozen yogurt shop or cafe. Smoothies are simple to make. All you need is a blender, ice, fruit, and … Continued

Which Size Cup is Best?

   So, which size cup should I be using in my store? When faced with the decision of what size cup to use in your store, several options probably come to mind. Cup sizes range anywhere from a small 4 … Continued

Importance of Cleaning and Sanitization of Frozen Yogurt Machines

Cleaning your frozen yogurt machines properly can help produce better tasting product and prevent any issues of harmful bacteria. Most manufacturers recommend that you clean and sanitize your machine at least once every three days, but some municipalities may require … Continued