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Business Opportunities

A frozen yogurt business is an excellent profit center, either as a stand-alone item or as an add-on.
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Frozen Yogurt Business Opportunities

Over the past 2 decades frozen yogurt has become iconic and is a permanent fixture in culture and society worldwide.  Consumer interest and demand is cyclical and seasonal but continues to grow. Nanci’s works with a wide-variety of companies, ranging from large franchise systems to independent store owners. As you consider getting into the frozen yogurt industry, Nanci’s offers several flexible options:

  1. Open your own independent frozen yogurt shop. Read our blog article about buying into a franchise versus opening your own store.
  2. Join Nanci’s licensing program with our SmoothYo Frozen Yogurt brand. Visit our Licensing Program page.
  3. Broker Nanci’s mixes to existing shops. As a broker, you receive a percentage commission on all sales you secure.
  4. Distribute Nanci’s mixes. Nanci’s is always looking for solid distributors in areas outside the United States.
  5. Purchase a small 1-flavor machine for your home, break room or office.  See more info at www.nancis.com/HappyPatient/ for home use and dentist offices.  The same bundle is available for both corporate and home use.


Frozen Yogurt Business as a Profit Center

Frozen yogurt is the perfect add-on profit center for your:

  • Pizzeria
  • Cafe
  • Deli
  • Restaurant
  • Buffet

You can add frozen yogurt to your restaurant for as little as $9 per day!


Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt is uniquely positioned for these types of businesses because:

  • As a dry powder mix the storage is minimal and frozen storage is not required.
  • You only need to prepare up what you need, reducing spoilage and waste.
  • Our flexible flavor system allows you to use the same base mix to serve Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Strawberry or dozens of other flavors. This reduces the amount of inventory you need to carry, and easily allows you to test out unique, new flavors.
  • Inexpensive cost per ounce (only 6-7 cents per ounce).

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