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Calling All Franchisees

Considering Going Independent?  Now Might Be The Time


Have you been thinking about ditching the franchise control and transitioning to become a free and independent frozen yogurt shop? The concept is appealing to many and just might be the right next step for you too. Current economic events are disrupting supply chains and changing consumer habits.

Independent shops are free to change more quickly and adjust to local tastes and preferences. Not to mention the $ you save on sourcing the frozen yogurt mix yourself and not having to pay franchise fees.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself:

1. Have I been in business long enough to be established and have a good customer base?

2. Do I have a positive attitude to solve business issues and problems that might come up in the future?

3. Do I want more creative control over my business and look forward to creating my own brand in my community?

4. Do I want to eliminate franchise fees and restrictions on who I can buy from?

5. Am I willing to dig in and drive my business to its full potential?


Here are some ways that Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt and FroCup.com can help:

1. Knowledge and Experience – Nanci’s has been in the food industry and especially the frozen yogurt industry for more than 40 years. We know yogurt. We are an industry leader in soft-serve product research & development and have created several “firsts” in the yogurt industry. We continue to create and improve.

2. Training and Customer Support – We’re not a franchise but we love to help. Check out our steps to independence to get you started at www.nancis.com/grow. You can see training videos at www.nancis.com/training and we’re here to answer questions any time Monday – Friday.

3. Ordering options – You can order directly from our e-commerce website anytime you need at www.FroCup.com. You are also welcome to email or call in orders during our office hours, whichever method is most convenient for you.

4. Product availability – We have most everything you will need to run your Frozen Yogurt shop available on FroCup. From the base mixes and flavors to cups and spoons and everything in between. We work to keep everything in stock and ready for you. We also ship out orders as soon as possible so that you get your products in a timely and reliable manner.

Call us at 1-800-788-0808 to get started.

Considering Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop?

Frozen yogurt shops are one of the hottest retail concepts around. It is a fun way to meet a lot of people and become a presence in your local community.  Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt can help refine your concept with low investment cost and high margins. No need to pay high franchise fees. Give yourself the best chance at success by running the numbers and understanding some business basics first. Check out the profit calculator for a customized analysis for your concept.

There are several key drivers to making a profit with a frozen yogurt store. It is important to emphasize profit versus sales. You may have great margins but if your customer base is too small, your sales won’t be enough to drive those high margins to success and profit. You should think of these profit drivers as dials or levers – you can adjust the dials various ways to maximize profit.


Key Profit Drivers

Sales Revenue

  • Volume (the number of customers per day and the number of ounces of yogurt sold)
  • Price per ounce
  • Sales of additional items (non-yogurt items)


  • Labor costs
  • Rent & utilities
  • Product costs (don’t forget to include the cost of free samples)
  • Supplies (cups, spoons, napkins, etc.)
  • Store and equipment maintenance


Turning the Dials


  • Get more customers. Typically this will mean more costs (like advertising and marketing), but you can also be creative and find traffic generating ideas with no or little cost. Another way to drive more traffic is to improve your product by offering new or unique flavors and by creating a unique product compared to your competitors. Nanci’s products are ideally suited for this – contact us to discuss further.
  • Increase the price. You can increase price and often not affect sales volume, but this is tricky because there is an elusive price Tipping Point. When you cross it your volume will actually decrease because either customers will stop coming or they will buy less. This Tipping Point is unique to every area and every store. One approach is to keep your base price per ounce high but then use discounts and promotions to give customers a lower effective price. Remember that it is much easier to lower your price than it is to raise it.




When evaluating costs there are Fixed Costs and Variable Costs. Fixed Costs are costs that are the same regardless of how many customers you serve. For example, your rent cost will be the same whether you serve 10 customers or 300.  Rent is a fixed cost. On the other hand, cups are a variable cost because you only incur costs for each customer.

  • One of the largest single costs for your store will be rent. There are a couple strategies to take when deciding on a location. For the purposes of simplicity, we’ll break it down into two strategies at opposite ends of the spectrum, even though in reality there are various strategies in between these two.

High Rent / High Volume. If the location is high rent it needs to also be a high traffic area to drive your sales volume. High rent areas may also allow you to charge more per ounce. In order for this strategy to work, you must have a large number of customers.

Low Rent / Low Volume / Low Cost. If the location is a very low rent property that means it’s probably off the beaten path and doesn’t have as much natural traffic. Generally, this would result in less traffic and lower sales volume, although there are stores that are in horrible locations and still gain a “cult following” and have lots of traffic. A low rent location may also mean you need to charge less per ounce, lowering your sales revenue. In order for this strategy to work you have to keep your costs extremely low and find ways to generate traffic in spite of your location.

  • Labor will most likely be your single highest cost. The big question here is whether or not you can run your store with just one employee. Our profit model shows that unless your store has strong volume (150 customers per day or more), you could lose money having two employees staff your shop. Of Course there are other factors to consider, like employee safety and or employee fraud.
  • Product Costs.This is also a tricky area, because your entire concept is based on your frozen yogurt mix. If your product isn’t good, you won’t succeed. But at the same time, you want to keep those profit margins robust. Nanci’s solves this issue with mixes that are high-quality and available to you at a very competitive wholesale price.
  • Most likely, the customers will demand free samples, but at the very least you should understand how many free samples you are giving away and how it is affecting your costs. One option is to have the sample cups behind the counter so the customer has to request one from an employee. Studies show that when shoppers make eye contact with a store employee they are less likely to steal something – I’d like to think this principal holds true for abusing the free samples as well.

The general belief in the business world, is that you need two or three food retail shops to be able to do it full-time and quit your regular full-time job and work for yourself. Depending on your available capital, you may want to consider opening 2 or 3 shops at the same time. This will also give you immediate brand relevance and can often protect your area from incoming competitors.  Visit FroCup.com for information on machines to get started.  Discounts are available if you order more than one machine at the same time.  FroCup and Nanci’s can help you outfit your new store with all the equipment you need.

Feel free to call 480-834-4290 or email info@nancis.com with any questions.


FrozenYogurtParts.com Guest Blog

Happy to have a guest blog article from our friends at FrozenYogurtParts.com today…

“January is the best time to replace your soft-serve machine’s wearable parts for the new year.  Each machine runs best with new blades, o-rings and lube.  Preventative maintenance includes not only regular cleaning of your machine, but also proper lubrication and checking for any wearable parts that may have seen better days.

Now is a good time to remove the side panels and visually inspect for leaks, debris or loose connections.  You should also take the temperature of the hopper and freezing cylinder on standby and auto modes and compare that to what the machine is saying to check that it is still calibrated correctly.  Ensuring that your machine is running properly and that it is consistently producing a quality product throughout the year will be essential to your customer loyalty and profit margin at the end of the year.

Cleaning your machine is an important aspect of maintenance to help the longevity of your machine. Get in the habit of cleaning your machine at least once a week.  This process includes running Stera Sheen sanitizer through while the machine is on wash mode, effectively killing any harmful bacteria.  If your machine goes weeks without being thoroughly and properly cleaned bad bacteria may build up and could lead to spoiled product.  The process of cleaning the machine is simple and can be done by any properly trained employee.

Lubrication is another key element to keep your machine running reliably.  The main component of the machine that requires lube is the back end of the shaft that sits deep inside the freezing cylinder.  Pull the shaft out and pull off the rubber seal that fits on the end of it.  Lubricate between the seal and the shaft.  O-rings should also be regularly lubed after each cleaning.  The best values on Stera Sheen, Petro Gel and Haynes lube are found at FrozenYogurtParts.com.  These lubes work great for frozen beverage and other types of machines as well.

There are various important machine parts that wear down over time.  The scraper blades, for example, which attach to the shaft on the inside of the freezing cylinder wear down and don’t scrape the edge of the cylinder with the exactness and precision that they once did.  This leads to the freezing of product on the inside surface of the cylinder and can lower the overall quality of your product.  These scraper blades are different with each individual machine make and model so be sure the blade is rated for your model of machine before buying replacements.  FrozenYogurtParts.com makes it easy by packaging all the wearable parts together in an easy to order kit for each machine model.  Best practice is to replace the blades every 3 months.

Replacing parts before they crack will save you from costly damage to other components of the machine and keep you from having a machine down during peak season.  Understanding your machine is important to maintaining it over time and creating your finished soft-serve or frozen yogurt masterpiece.”

Contact info@FrozenYogurtParts.com to see if they can save you money on replacement parts today!  Use coupon code NANCIS5 for a first-order discount at FrozenYogurtParts.com

Frozen Yogurt vs Soft-Serve Ice Cream

You might not realize that Nanci’s chocolate and vanilla bases are rich and creamy just like soft-serve ice cream. Texture depends on how much air you get in the product and the quality of the ingredients. We don’t sell a soft-serve ice cream because it is so similar in creaminess to our frozen yogurt but lacks the health benefits.  In fact, you could choose to serve Nanci’s and not call it frozen yogurt, some of our customers sell it as soft-serve and don’t even call it frozen yogurt at all.  It is up to you how you want to name it and market it.

The benefits of Frozen Yogurt vs Ice Cream are many:
Frozen Yogurt provides the same satisfaction and tasty treat as soft-serve ice cream with many additional benefits.
What you’ll get with an average ½ cup serving of Ice Cream:
-2x the calories (190)
-10x the Fat (11g)
-Cholesterol (not good for heart disease)
-Sucrose (not good for hunger spikes and diabetes)
-Sweet, Rich and Creamy
-No variations of sweetness or texture available

Here’s what you’ll get with an average ½ cup serving of Frozen Yogurt:
-Half the calories (90)
-Low-fat or no-fat (healthy non-animal fat)
-Probiotic enriched to support a healthy immune system
-No Cholesterol
-No Corn Syrup
-No Sucrose
-Sweet, Rich and Creamy
-Versatile in that it can also have other tastes and textures depending on what you like best.  For example, the Chocolate and Vanilla bases are just like soft-serve ice cream in sweetness and texture.  The Tart bases are uniquely different from ice cream.

In addition, another base mix which is called FRUIT WHIP is a bold and refreshing fruit soft-serve like what is served at Disneyland.  And it has probiotics.  What is really cool is that if you add double the water in your recipe and use a frozen drink machine, the FRUIT WHIP turns into a self-serve smoothie.  See link to two machine options for self-serve smoothies made from just Fruit Whip base + flavor + water.





Preparing for “Busy Season”

Did you have a slow winter or maybe even close for the winter cold?  Spring is around the corner which makes now a great time to start preparing to open back up or generate new interest for the year. 

Here are some insights you might consider as you prepare for the warmer weather. 

SOCIAL MEDIA:  To generate interest, don’t forget to use Social Media.  Some people with home businesses ONLY do business using Social Media and understand what a great tool it can be.  Don’t overwhelm your customers or followers with too many posts, but regular reminders and posts are great!

PROMOTIONS:  Start thinking of promotions you can use throughout the year.  Whether it is stamp cards to earn free yogurt, or maybe even a contest where someone gets to choose their favorite flavor as “Flavor of the Week” or have a “Customer of the Month.”  Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget how important it is to be part of your community.  Get involved in sponsoring local teams or schools and get your name out there. 

TRAINING:  Use this time for training your employees better, make sure everyone is on the same page with not only operating procedures but with the excellent customer service you want to offer your customers.  Quiz your staff on product knowledge such as how to put air into the product to make it creamier or why your product is better than most.

NEW MENU ITEMS:  Start thinking of things you can easily add to your menu that will generate more interest and excitement.  Things like salads, soups, and bakery items.  Anything that will help you to diversify and attract new customers is a good thing.  Remember to clear it with your landlord.  

INVENTORY:  This is a great time to take a really good inventory.  Go through everything and make sure that expiration and best buy dates are still good.  Move everything that needs to be used first to the front and don’t forget to rotate your stock as new items come in. 

MAINTENANCE: Don’t forget to have your machines looked over.  Replace any worn parts, lube well and clean thoroughly.  The better care you take of your machines, the longer they will last.

NEW FLAVORS:  This is a good time to also think about changing out a few yogurt flavors on your menu.  NANCIS.COM is a great resource for flavor ideas and new flavor cards and graphics.  Watch for our newsletters for Nanci’s flavor specials.  And if there is ever a new flavor you’d like us to carry, type it in the “Notes” section at checkout on FroCup.com.  

We love to hear your creative recipe ideas!  Here is one we liked that a client shared:  Candy Bar Flavor: 1/2 bag Chocolate Base + 1/2 bag Vanilla Base + 3 oz Salted Caramel + 3 oz Peanut Butter + 2 gallons water.  Think outside the box and try something new!  You’ll be surprised how many flavors are good in different bases; try Strawberry or Red Raspberry in chocolate and see what you think!   

Shipping Q&A: International (Part 2 of 2)

Mysteries of Shipping Revealed: International Orders

This Q&A is part 2 in a 2 part series.  This article pertains to shipping internationally outside of the United States. 

How are international orders packed for shipping?

Initial sample orders are packed in a single cardboard box and labeled as samples and shipped with FedEx Express International.  If you prefer to use your courier such as DHL, let us know.Warehouse Packing 3

Regular orders are packed in cardboard boxes stacked on a heat treated wooden pallet and wrapped in plastic wrap.  Mixed pallets and less than full pallets are always wrapped in purple.  Dry bases are the heaviest and will be stacked on the bottom with the flavoring bottles on top.  Cups and spoons and other supplies will then be stacked on top of those base mix and flavoring boxes.  All orders are double checked through our strict quality control process so you can be confident they will arrive according to your packing list.  Note on the bill of lading at delivery if there is any damage or missing boxes.  Claims must be filed within 5 days of delivery.

Which is the most cost effective way to ship?

Ocean shipping is definitely the least expensive way to move product around the world.  Carriers charge based on weight but mostly on volume so it makes sense to maximize the space on each pallet.  We can fit 60 cases of dry mix on each pallet.  If you are also ordering flavorings, it works well to remove a few cases of dry mix so the flavorings can fit on the same pallet.  Ocean shipping costs significantly less than air shipping.  

For example, shipping for a recent order of 30 cases to South Africa cost $2700 by airplane when it would have only cost $700 by boat.  A similar order that shipped to China recently cost $1900 by air when it would have only cost $600 by boat.

What is the fastest way to get an international order?

Air shipping is definitely the fastest way to get any order.  For small sample orders, the only way to ship is by airplane.  These small orders are often necessary for the first time to take the product to customs agents in the destination country for testing and approval before a larger ocean order is place.  Shipping a 14 kg sample box to most countries costs about $200 and arrives usually in less than 7 days.

Larger orders such as a typical half (30 cases) or full pallet (60 cases) order take about 10 days by air as compared to 40 days by ocean.  Contact us for a specific quote for your country.

intl-shipping-1Do you ship to my address or to the port?

Door to Door means the shipment goes all the way from the factory to your doorstep.  Small packages shipped via FedEx Express International Air will ship this way and FedEx will bill the customs fees and tariffs directly to you upon delivery.  We don’t ship any international pallet orders Door to Door because the customs clearance process is your responsibility and transit stops at your port for import clearance.  Door to Port means the shipment leaves our factory and arrives at the ocean port or airport and then you clear it through customs and take delivery and arrange the destination country inland transport.  Door to Port is how we arrange the majority of our international shipments.  Port to Port means we deliver the goods to your freight forwarder in the USA and they take it from there.  They might also be willing to deliver it all the way to you via Port to Door – you can negotiate that with them if you decide to set up your own shipping. 

Can I use my own ocean freight forwarder?

Yes, many of our clients actually use their own freight forwarder to arrange the ocean shipping for themselves.  In those cases, it often works best to have us deliver the order to your freight forwarder’s warehouse in California or Florida.  We offer better inland USA transport rates than most freight forwarders.  They excel at offering good ocean rates but usually can’t beat our inland rates.

What about customs clearance?

All orders are shipped FOB Origin which means title of ownership passes from seller to buyer when the goods leave Nanci’s warehouse.  We don’t guarantee customs clearance.  Even when we have shipped for years to a country, unusual or random circumstances can lead to an order getting stopped at customs if the importer doesn’t have the correct import permit.  You always want to engage a good customs broker before placing your order to make sure you have all the proper permits and approvals from customs.  In addition to preparing to import food products, you’ll receive an international shipping authorization from us that will require you to agree to the following:

Wudel International Shipping Terms and Authorization

As the consignee, I acknowledge that Wudel International (Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt) is arranging shipping as a convenience to me.  I take full ownership of the shipment once it leaves Wudel’s factory/warehouse in the U.S.A.  Wudel does not pay destination charges, duties or customs charges and does not guarantee transit times, customs clearance, or delivery of goods — such details are the sole responsibility of the consignee.  Wudel is not responsible if goods are delayed in transit or if goods are rejected by customs for any reason.  The consignee is responsible to be aware of and to adhere to all applicable customs requirements to import food and dairy products and equipment purchased from the U.S.A.

Which are some countries where the Nanci’s products seem to be more easily imported?

With the right connections and permits, the products can be imported into any country.  Here is a list of recent ones that were fairly efficient:  Aruba, Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Cameroon, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Curacao, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Fiji, French Polynesia, Ghana, Greece, Guam, Honduras, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jamaica, Jordan, Laos, Lebanon, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, South Africa, Surinam, Switzerland, Trinidad, UAE, Uganda, Venezuela, Vietnam.

Which are some countries where importing has been more difficult?

Dairy food products seem to be more closely scrutinized than non-dairy.  If you have concerns importing into these countries, you might consider trying our non-dairy lineup first.  Also, labeling is important in some countries.  Check with customs to make sure they don’t require an additional label on each box in the official language of that country with our plant code.  Here are some countries that may require extra preparation on your part to comply with customs demands: India, Japan, Australia, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Columbia, Thailand, Sril Lanka.

Are there any plans to have Nanci’s products available in my country from a distributor so I don’t have to import them through customs?

We love to have product already in country for you and in some countries it may be available.  Check with us to see if there is a local contact who has product or who can broker your order for you.  We may have another client in your country already importing for their own business and willing to import your order with theirs.


Shipping Q&A: USA (Part 1 of 2)

Mysteries of Shipping Revealed: USA Orders

This Q&A is part 1 in a 2 part series. This article pertains to shipping within the United States. Check back later this summer for part 2 about international shipping.

Why are some of my orders delivered via FedEx Ground and others come on a pallet via semi truck?

The simple answer is we ship larger orders on a pallet and smaller orders with FedEx Ground.FedEx-ground-truck
There are some advantages to receiving orders on a pallet:

1 – The boxes arrive all together
2 – There is less risk of damaged boxes
3 – Delivery appointments are an option with pallet deliveries
4 – Large orders qualify for a bulk discount (e.g. our popular Baker’s Dozen Special)

What should I expect when my pallet arrives?

We send an email with the tracking information and usually an actual photo of your pallet. When your pallet arrives, it should look like the photo that was sent to you. We always wrap the LTL pallet orders in purple plastic wrap. All the truckers use clear wrap. So, if it arrives in clear wrap you know the trucker has unwrapped and rewrapped it.

There are several things to look for when accepting your pallet order:

1 – Count the boxes. In your tracking email we usually let you know how many boxes to expect. If you order the Baker’s Dozen (13 cases) and no extra flavors, you will know to expect 13 boxes.

2 – Note obvious damage. Are the boxes broken or open? Is there any powder spilling out of a box? Are the boxes crushed? Any box that shows damage on the outside needs to be opened and checked on the inside. If the bags are not open and all 5 are there, then you don’t need to do anything. If bags are missing or damaged, then the damage needs to be noted on the driver’s copy of the bill of lading (BOL). If possible, please also take a photo of the damage, before and after opening the box. After the damage is noted, then go ahead and accept the pallet and call us to report the incident.

3 – Unpack the pallet. LTL shipments are delivered outside your building. You or your staff will need to unwrap the pallet and carry the boxes into your building. The driver is not authorized to carry boxes into your building. They must simply drop the pallet by your front or back door.

Should I accept damaged shipments?

Smaller orders ship via FedEx Ground. FedEx is among the best at what they do. We have found them to be highly reliable in getting your order to you in a timely manner. Occasionally we get a message from FedEx saying one of the packages has received some damage. In that case, we try to have them go ahead and deliver the package anyway. The intent is that at least you’ll get some of the order and in case you’re running low on product, better to receive something rather than nothing. In most instances of damage of dry mix, just 1 bag is leaking and the other 4 bags in the box are still fine.

When you receive the package, note the damage with the FedEx driver, take pictures, and then go ahead and accept it. Email us the photos at info@nancis.com and then give us a call and let us know how many bags were damaged and we will make arrangements for compensation with you. You can have confidence we’ll do what we can to get your products to you in a safe and timely manner.

Why do some items arrive separately?

Depending on the items in your order, we may ship from several different warehouses. We’ll note this on your packing list.  Also, sometimes boxes get separated at FedEx terminals.  This is normal and not a cause for concern.

How long will it take to get my order?

Delivery times are not guaranteed. We suggest storing a box of product offsite in case of an emergency. Sometimes your staff waits until you run out before they tell you they need something.

Here are the approximate delivery times depending on where you’re located in the USA:

Northeast: 5 business days
Midwest: 4 business days
South: 4 business days
Northwest: 3 business days
Southwest: 2 business days

Orders submitted on FroCup.com before noon will typically ship the same business day. Orders submitted after noon will ship the next business day.

How Organized Are You?

A Bit of Discipline Goes a Long Way

Do you ever find you feel rushed or overwhelmed with all your responsibilities? Do you run out of products and rush to order at the last minute? Here are 6 ideas to help you get ahead and stay organized.

  • Weekly Inventory – Take an inventory of your store regularly. That way you are always on top of what you have in stock. If an employee uses the last of something, have a sheet ready for them to document what they used so you have a handy list of what you need to order.
  • Consistent Orders – Order at the same time every week or month so don’t forget – that way you won’t get caught without an important item. Set reminders in your smart phone to help you stay on top of things.
  • Bulk Orders – If you order something, try to order a little more at a time so that you get any available discounts. Remember, FroCup.com offers the Baker’s Dozen Special which is “Buy 12 Cases and Get a 13th Case Free”. By keeping track of how much you are using, forecasting and reordering becomes more simplified. If you are running out of one item faster than others, order one extra of it next time. This way you can continue to order in bulk without needing one item sent to you in the middle of your ordering cycle. This might help your peace of mind and your pocketbook.
  • Organized Workspace – Keep your work area and storeroom clean and organized so that everything is easy to find and count. Set up simple organizing systems that think like you do, and then create a habit of using those systems consistently. Use labels to remind you and your staff where items belong.
  • Training – When training a new employee, train each the same way every time. Have a checklist to go over so that the consistency flows throughout the whole company. There is also a training certification available to your staff on nancis.com.
  • Procedures – Eliminate confusion by having each procedure in your shop outlined and clearly posted in the correct places, including opening and closing procedures, and ongoing maintenance procedures.

Being organized is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. It takes daily discipline to maintain the order you created. Encourage everyone in your group to continue the cause and you will find everything will go more smoothly. The feelings of unity and teamwork will increase and those feelings of being overwhelmed with all your responsibilities will turn to feelings of confidence and peace. Relax – you got this!


Warehouse 1

Machine Maintenance

The start of a new year is aSLX400En excellent opportunity to take a look at your soft-serve machine and make sure that it is primed and ready to go for 2016! This includes not only continually cleaning your machine, but also proper lubrication and checking for any wearable parts that may have seen better days. Annually is a good time to remove the side panels and visually inspect for leaks from the motor casing and loose connections. You should also take the temperature of the hopper and freezing cylinder on standby and auto modes and compare that to what the machine is saying to check that it is calibrated correctly still. Ensuring that your machine is running properly and that it is consistently producing a quality product throughout the year will be essential to your customer base and overall margins at the end of the year.

Cleaning your machine is an important aspect of maintenance to help the longevity of your machine. Get in the habit of cleaning your machine at least once a week. This process includes running a sanitizing agent through the machine, effectively killing any bacteria that may have grown or built up.  If your machine goes weeks without being thoroughly and properly cleaned harmful bacteria may build up and could potentially lead to spoiled product.

Once the sanitizing agent is mixed with water and poured into the hopper of the machine, put the machine on the wash cycle and allow the product to cycle through the machine for a period of 5 minutes. This will allow the sanitizing agent to reach all of the nooks and crannies of the machine, killing any remaining bacteria. Be careful not to enable a feature on the machine that willPacket x2 freeze down the product, as the process of the water freezing could severely damage your machine. Every other week, we recommend pulling all of the machine components such as the face plate and the freezing cylinder shaft and let them soak in hot soapy water as well. The process of cleaning the machine is simple in its procedure, and it can be done any employee if they are properly trained how to do so. Check out http://frocup.com/product/sanitizer-packets/ to get started today!

Lubrication is another key technique in keeping your machine running for an extended period of time. The main component of the machine that requires lubrication is the back end of the shaft that sits deeper inside the freezing cylinder. Pull this out and pull off the rubber gasket that fits on the end of it. Lubricate around the square piece at the end of the shaft and place the gasket back onto the lubricated piece. When you pull out the freezing cylinder shaft to clean it is an excellent time to lubricate it as well. Tubes of all-purpose lube are also sold at http://frocup.com/product/machine-lube/.

There are various wearable machine parts that can become damaged and wear down over time. The scraper blades, for example, attach to the shaft on the inside of the freezing cylinder wear down and don’t scrape the edge of the cylinder with the exactness and precision that they once did. This leads to the freezing of product on the edge of the cylinder and can lower the overall quality of your product. These scraper blades are different with each individual machine company so make sure the blade is rated for your model of machine before buying replacements. You can find various machine springs, seals, and O-rings as replacement parts at http://frocup.com/product-category/supplies/.

Look for general brittleness or the wearing down of plastic parts as key points in replacement. Replacing parts before they go out will save you from costly damage to other components of the machine and keep you from having a non-functioning machine during your peak season. Understanding your machine is very important in maintaining it over time. Pulling out all of the main components and familiarizing yourself with them as you sanitize, lubricate, and replace any necessary parts will help you to keep your machine running strong throughout 2016 and beyond.machine breakdown diagram

August is Smoothie Month

Smoothie Love!

Smoothies are a perfect anytime treat; they are refreshing and delicious! They are also a great addition to any frozen yogurt shop or cafe. Smoothies are simple to make. All you need is a blender, ice, fruit, and Nanci’s Smoothie Base Mix. Nanci’s smoothies are made with natural ingredients and sweetened with pure crystalline fructose instead of corn syrup, so they are a healthier way to boost your energy! You can even add nutritional supplements like protein or immune booster to any smoothie to increase the health benefits.

How to Make Nanci’s Smoothies:


Step 1: Prepare Nanci's Smoothie Base Mix by adding 1 cup powder base to 3 cups water.

Step 1: Prepare Nanci’s Smoothie Base Mix by adding 1 cup powder base to 3 cups water.

Step 1: Stir powder and water mixture and store in refrigerator.  Prepared base is good for 2 weeks in fridge.

Step 1: Stir powder and water mixture and store in refrigerator. Prepared base is good for 2 weeks in fridge.

Step 2: Add ice and Nanci's prepared smoothie base to blender.

Step 2: Add ice and Nanci’s prepared smoothie base to blender.

Step 3: Add fruit, juice, and boosters.

Step 3: Add fruit, juice, and boosters.

Step 4: Blend for 45 seconds.  Enjoy!

Step 4: Blend for 45 seconds. Enjoy!


Here at Nanci’s we’ve been working on some new recipes for you to try. Let us know what you think!


6 oz Nanci’s Smoothie Base

2 oz orange juice

4 oz mangos

2 oz strawberries

12 oz ice


Yield: 20 oz



6 oz Nanci’s Smoothie Base

2 spoonfuls creamy peanut butter

½ banana

12 oz ice


Yield: 20 oz



6 oz Nancis’ Smoothie Base

2 oz strawberry

2 oz blueberry

2 oz pineapple

¼ banana

12 oz ice

Yield: 20 oz



4 oz Nanci’s Smoothie Base

2 oz apple

1 peeled kiwi

12 oz ice

Yield: 20 oz



6 oz Nanci’s Smoothie Base

2 oz strawberry

4 oz peach

1 oz coconut

12 oz ice

Yield: 20 oz


Nanci’s smoothies are simple, even for those who have no experience making them. A bag of Nanci’s Smoothie Base Mix will yield over 150 smoothies following the recipes above. All you need is a blender, ice, fruit, and Nancis’ Smoothie Mix. They are tastier and healthier since Nanci’s smoothies are sweetened with pure pure crystalline fructose instead of cane sugar and the recipes utilize real natural fruit. Using a smoothie base mix is important because it sweetens and enhances the natural fruit flavors along with also providing a smooth and creamy texture.  Including smoothies and boosters in your shop is a great way to expand your menu and your customer base.  Visit the Nanci’s Smoothie page for more information and www.FroCup.com to place your order.