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About Us

Corporate Overview

Wudel International d.b.a. Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt is a manufacturer and international wholesaler of soft-serve mixes including Frozen Yogurt, Fruit Freezer Sorbet, Non-Dairy Soft Serve, No Sugar Added mixes, Smoothie base mix, Granita mixes and more than 100 flavors. Based in the western United States, the family owned company has been in business since 1979, when the first line of healthy dessert products entered the market.

Nanci’s is an industry leader in soft-serve product Research & Development. Here are a examples of cutting-edge, industry-leading mixes created by Nanci’s R & D team:

  • First pure fruit sugar sweetened Ice Cream (patented);
  • First fruit sugar Sorbet/Grenada mix;
  • First to include a beneficial probiotic that will stay alive in dry mixes;
  • First Stevia sweetened No Sugar Added frozen yogurt mix;
  • First Vegan Chocolate frozen yogurt mix;
  • First Non-Dairy Stevia sweetened frozen yogurt mix;
  • First Fat-burning Dark Chocolate frozen yogurt mix including nutraceuticals*;
  • First Energy Boosting Vanilla frozen yogurt mix including nutraceuticals;
  • First High Antioxidant non-dairy sorbet mix including nutraceuticals;
  • First Dry smoothie base mix including active probiotics.

*Nutraceutical: a specially treated food that you eat or drink in order to improve your health.

Nanci’s R & D lab is currently working on several new and unique soft-serve products that will be introduced in the coming year.


The Executive Team

John Wudel – CEO, Chief Formulator & Chef

A food chemist, John not only holds a chemistry degree, but also taught qualitative analysis at the university level. His experience in building and running four successful and diverse restaurants led him to develop a commitment to healthier dessert choices. John’s expertise at engineering popular food formulas has resulted in specialty formulations for customers through the United States and in more than 90 countries.

Nanci Wudel – Spokesperson, Public Relations

Nanci has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications, as well as vast experience running advertising agencies and promotional campaigns. Her expertise in customer service has resulted in consulting requests from numerous businesses and organizations. Her service on the board of directors for several corporations gives her a unique ability to foresee customer needs, as well as address employee training issues and strategic planning.

David Wudel – President

A certified public accountant, Dave has a unique ability to manage many priorities at once.  He oversees the supply chain and global operations of Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt.  He brings a valuable corporate understanding to Wudel International having worked a decade at Exxon Mobil Corporation where he served, among other responsibilities, as a senior analyst in charge of predicting the company’s domestic oil production and financial budget.  He also has vast export/import experience in working with customs agencies and embassies throughout the world. He is fluent in Spanish.

This page last updated 2 OCT 2018.

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