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Comparing frozen yogurt nutrition facts

Nutrition facts can be very confusing, especially in the world of frozen yogurt where you deal with both weight and volume. Because frozen yogurt contains air, the weight and volume are not the same. Unfortunately, some companies have used this … Continued

Benefits of dry powder frozen yogurt mix

Nanci’s manufactures and sells both liquid and dry frozen yogurt mix, so we fully understand the pluses and minuses to each. In our local market (Phoenix, Arizona) we offer a liquid frozen yogurt mix that is a terrific product. About … Continued

Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Shop versus Behind-the-Counter

Over the last five years, the self-serve frozen yogurt concept has really taken off. Here are brief descriptions of self-serve and traditional behind-the-counter frozen yogurt concepts with advantages and disadvantages for each. Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Concept In a self-serve shop, … Continued