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Increase Sales Part 2: Improve Customer Experience

Improve the In-Store Experience for Your Customers

Kids Activity Area

Most frozen yogurt stores don’t offer a great place for families to relax and enjoy their frozen yogurt. A kids area is a great way to entertain children, so parents can enjoy their time in your shop. Parents will be much more likely to visit your store, if they know their children will be entertained. Even if your shop is small, you can use a corner for some simple kids activities.

A few ideas for a kids area include:
    • Paper and washable crayons/markers
    • TV with kids movies on a loop
    • Small toys or games
    • Simple crafts
    • Video game system – like a Nintendo Wii

Live Music

Ask local musicians to play music on weekends or evenings. Many musicians will play for free or just for tips. If you don’t have room inside your shop, maybe they could set up on your patio and you could put out additional chairs.


Have easy-to-play group games available for customers to use and return. Ideas include trivia games (i.e. Wits & Wagers), Jenga, Catch Phrase, etc.

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