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Improving Your Customer Service

Customer Service is the root of many businesses, particularly the Frozen Yogurt industry. For most people, going out to grab a cup of froyo isn’t just about the smooth and creamy treat melting on your tongue and tickling your taste buds.  It’s about the experience.  Customer Service is not a transaction — it is the relationship with your customer. It’s making that frozen desert into a little cup of personal bliss for each customer.

Important basics to remember

-SMILE! Even the friendliest person in the world might come across as indifferent or fake if that is what their face says. Remember, the amount of communication between two people is predominantly non-verbal.

-BE ATTENTIVE.  No one likes to be ignored. Greet customers as they enter, and bid them farewell as they leave. On occasion your shop might be very busy — perhaps a line out the door and around the corner (good for you!) — but remember to keep checking in with the customers as they come in and as they wait. It does not matter if they are at the front of the line or just stepping into the back, their business matters.

-BE PROFESSIONAL. Hop off the counters, and wash your hands often. Quit touching your face and looking at your feet. Be confident in how you carry yourself in the workplace and show respect even when disrespected (hey it happens). Keep composed and be ready to work!

-MAKE SUGGESTIONS, GET CREATIVE. Most frozen yogurt shops have local favorites or signature flavors.  These are perfect things to suggest to new customers or returning customers wanting to try something new. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Finding weird and new ways to combine flavors and toppings reinvents the experience for customers and brings back that first-time feeling that is both exciting and mysterious.

-KEEP BUSY. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the “if you can lean, you can clean” phrase seen often in the food industry work place. As an employee, often times work can drag on, which can begin to reflect in your mood and in turn reflect out towards others. Staying on top of cleaning and regular store maintenance in between gaps in customers will not only improve business but also helps pass the time. Take a little extra time cleaning the tables or floors. Or prepare for the rush hour.

-DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS. There is nothing quite like walking into a neighborhood shop and being greeted by a familiar face and even by name. This sense of familiarity and friendliness creates a community feel to your shop. People like to feel that they are making a purchase from people, rather than a corporation or a business. You can also develop relationships with neighboring businesses and their employees. Not only can they be a great marketing resource for you, but they can be great customers as well.

Most importantly, always remember that the customer comes first. The customer is the point and purpose of a business. Make coming to your store the highlight of your customer’s day.


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