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New “Just Add Water” Mixes

Many powder frozen yogurt mixes require milk and/or fresh yogurt in order to make a smooth, creamy frozen yogurt product. We feel that when you have to add milk, you lose many of the advantages of the powder — like cost savings and not needed to refrigerate the mix.

For the last 6 months we’ve been working create a just-add-water mix to rule them all. We had two goals in mind when we started this process: 1) eliminate the need for customers to add milk, and 2) create mixes that stay smooth and creamy even after several days in the machine.

We feel that we’ve achieved both our goals — while still keeping the same great taste our customers love!

We’ve made upgrades to the following products:

  • Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Base Mix
  • Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Base Mix
  • Plain Tart Frozen Yogurt Base Mix
  • Stevia Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Base Mix (no sugar added)
  • Stevia Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Base Mix (no sugar added)

Read below for more details on the “Just Add Water” Mix and our new High-Yield Stevia Mixes.

New “Just Add Water” Mix

The most exciting part about Nanci’s new mixes is that you only need to add water! The base mixes already include milk, yogurt powder, probiotics and all the ingredients needed to make creamy frozen yogurt.

We still recommend adding air into the mix using the machine’s air tubes. Click here to read more about adding air.

Many shops have previously been adding milk to the base mix. In our testing, adding milk to the new base mixes can actually make them too thick. Plus, just adding water will result in significant cost and operational savings. Most importantly, they taste every bit as good as our original mixes made with milk.

New High-Yield Stevia Mix

Our new Stevia-sweetened mixes, both Vanilla and Chocolate, are also now High-Yield mixes. So instead of using 2 gallons (8 quarts/7.5 liters), you should use 2.5 gallons (10 quarts/9.5 liters). The final yield per bag is 3 gallons of mix. You may also need to add an additional 1-2 ounces of flavoring with the higher yield.

If you don’t use the increased amount of water, you may find that the mix is too thick and won’t feed into your machine.

Also, for the Stevia Mixes be sure to only add water and not milk. This is important for the consistency and also to keep the total sugar count low. Milk has naturally occurring sugar that will increase the amount of sugar per serving.

The previous Stevia mixes had to be mixed with warm water, but the new mixes can be added to any temperature water and they will dissolve fine.

Cost Savings with New Mixes

By only needing water, our mixes can provide you a significant cost savings. Here is an example scenario for a typical store on the East Coast, USA.

Previous Base Mix (with half milk and half water)
Cost per Gallon of Mix: $9.80
Cost per Ounce: $0.068

New Just Add Water Base Mix
Cost per Gallon of Mix: $8.40
Cost per Ounce: $0.058

For the Stevia Mixes there are even greater savings. Here is another example comparing the previous Stevia Vanilla and the new Stevia Vanilla (both made with water):

Previous Stevia Vanilla
Cost per Gallon of Mix: $9.20
Cost per Ounce: $0.064

New High-Yield Stevia Vanilla
Cost per Gallon of Mix: $7.67
Cost per Ounce$0.051

For questions about our new mixes email us at info@nancis.com or call 1-800-788-0808.


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