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Which Size Cup is Best?

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So, which size cup should I be using in my store?

When faced with the decision of what size cup to use in your store, several options probably come to mind. Cup sizes range anywhere from a small 4 ounce (oz) size cup to an enormous 32 oz cup. Surely there has to be an optimal size to make it easier on you as the business owner and to satisfy your customers. Nanci’s experience with soft-serve over several decades has lead us to just the answer: the 10 oz cup and the 14 oz cup. These are two new shapes pioneered by Nanci’s and available exclusively at FroCup.com. They are a perfect fit for self-serve customers! Both the new 10 oz and the new 14 oz cups have a fun and modern light swirl design around the outside and are made of a strong, durable paper material that doesn’t tear or seep at the seams. So why are these new sizes better than what you’re currently using?


10 oz – Small

This new shallow/wide shape is perfect for families with children. As you can see in the picture above, the 10 oz cup fills quickly and, due to the height of the cup, the yogurt spirals above the top to give it a nice and full look where the yogurt seems to be brimming to the top. As the yogurt melts and the customer digs in, the width will catch any running liquid or toppings from making a mess. Since it has the same width as a standard 16 oz cup, you can actually fit both your small and large cups in the same cup holders if desired.

According to our research, we have found the 10 oz cup is the ideal ‘small size cup’ to carry in your store. It has enough volume to hold yogurt for a customer who may just want a few bites – perfect for kids. It is the best of both worlds – wide enough to handle all the toppings your customer wants to add yet shallow enough to still look full. This perception of a full cup is key to a customer making their way back to your store in the future; you want them to feel as if they are getting the best ‘bang for their buck’.

Cups Comparison 10 14 16 white green

Comparison of the new 10 and 14 oz cups next to the 16 oz on the right.


14 oz – Large

The 14 oz cup is a deeper cup. It has a large volume and can hold a full pound of yogurt. And it has the same wide diameter as a standard 16 oz cup so it can easily handle all the toppings your customer wants to add. What makes the 14 oz superior to the 16 oz is the shorter height of the 14 oz. As you compare the 14 oz and the 16 oz cups, you see a clear difference in the presentation of the yogurt. The yogurt in each cup is the same amount, however it stands up much taller in the 14 oz and it looks much fuller. The 16 oz cup drowns the yogurt a bit, and the customers may feel they aren’t getting as much product as they really are getting. A full 16 oz cup of yogurt is a lot even for those with the biggest appetites and we have found that it is often not necessary to have that large of a cup in stock. A hungry customer will fill the 14 oz cup to a swirl above the rim and be satisfied with their eyes, tummy and wallet.


The 10 oz and the 14 oz are the perfect sizes whether you are just starting up a new shop, or you have owned a shop for years. FroCup has 4 vibrant colors to choose from: orange, blue, green, and pink.  The swirl design is popular among both young and old alike. Also available is a convenient one-size-fits-all clear dome lid for the 10 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz cups. It’s easy to make the switch and increase your store’s customer satisfaction and perceived value. Give Nanci’s a call at 1-800-788-0808 or order online today at www.frocup.com.



Cups - all 12 new skus

The popular Swirl design is available in 12 color/size combinations.

Cups 10 14 16 newsletter

Note the more appealing and satisfying look of the swirl in the shorter height cups.



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