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Should you buy a frozen yogurt franchise?

Many entrepreneurs who want to start a frozen yogurt business start by looking at franchise opportunities. People ask us all the time, should I buy a franchise or do it on my own?

We feel that in most cases entrepreneurs are better off doing their own concepts and here’s why.

There are three main reasons to buy a franchise:
1. To buy into a brand that has strong brand equity.

Our thoughts: there are only a couple of frozen yogurt brands with national name recognition, but it is very expensive to buy a franchise and they aren’t even available in most markets. Internationally, there really aren’t any brand names.

Conclusion: you’re better off building your own brand.

2. A franchise provides step-by-step guidelines on how to start and run your business.

Our thoughts: this can make sense if your business is extremely complex or difficult to start…but frozen yogurt shops just aren’t that complicated. With thoughtful research and help from suppliers you can easily figure it out on your own.

Conclusion: you’re better off creating your own concept.

3. Gain access to proprietary products that are only available if you own that franchise.

Our thoughts: with products like Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt available, who needs a franchise product?!? In most cases, you’ll pay a premium for product that the franchisor will sell you…and it may not even be as good as other products on the market.

Conclusion: it’s not worth paying the franchise premium for your mixes. Contact us at Nanci’s to talk more about our mixes.

So unless you feel very strongly about one of these three reasons, you’re better off starting your own yogurt shop with your own brand. This gives you complete control of running the business and puts all the profits in your pocket instead of the franchisor. Read our blog article about the keys to starting your own frozen yogurt business.


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