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Frozen Yogurt Quiz

Yogurt Expert Certification Quiz

1. What equipment do you need to make Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt?

2. What is the proper order of steps for making Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt mix?

3. Why is fruit sugar (pure crystalline fructose) a superior sweetener than table sugar?

4. What is Stevia?

5. What is the correct recipe for making Cake Batter frozen yogurt mix?

6. Dispensing about 1 quart of product from the machine each morning so fresh product feeds into the hopper is called?

7. What piece of the machine helps get air into the product?

8. What is the difference between frozen yogurt and ice cream?

9. What makes Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt better than other frozen yogurt products?

10. Which of the following components is not found in a typical soft-serve machine?

11. What is the ideal temperature range for the hopper?

12. What is the ideal dispensing temperature for Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt regular mixes (sweetened with fruit sugar)?

13. What is the ideal dispensing temperature for Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt No Sugar Added mixes (sweetened with Stevia)?

14. Nanci’s base mix is good for more than a year in the powder form. But once it’s mixed with water how long does it last and how should you store it?

15. Which of the following are necessary standard operating procedures?

16. Select the correct trouble shooting tips?

17. What is the Glycemic Index?

18. What is the glycemic index of Table Sugar, Fruit Sugar, and Stevia in that order?

19. Are Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt mixes gluten free?

20. Which fun facts is NOT true about Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt?

    Yogurt Expert Certification Quiz

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